Top 10 Shared Hosting Companies 2020

In 1999, as a young college graduate, I got my first job at Nortel Networks making the World Wide Web. In 2004, at Seagate Technologies I worked to satisfy the demand for faster and more reliable hard drives.

Since 2008, I have been the founder of several other online ventures. Recently, I graduated from the university of Hard Knocks with a master of Arts degree in Web Business. Currently, I am doing my PhD (Positive, Hungry and Determined) in Online Business. I have no plans to complete this.

I created Webhostingology to help other internet entrepreneurs get the right webhosting solution and save money.

What is the best Shared Hosting Company


I created this page about the top 10 share web hosting companies simply because it is impossible to identify a single company that offers the best shared web host services. Especially in the last 5-6 years, when most of North America’s top web hosting firms were acquired by the same technology group, it appears that they are all the same.

In fact, since NASDAQ-listed Endurance International Group (EIG), acquired top webhosting brands like Hostgator, JustHost, iPage, FatCow, eHost, Netfirms, A Small Orange, Arvixe, IXWEbhosting, iPower, easyCGI, it looks like that behind the different logos, the actual web hosting products are almost identical.


The best webhosting company for shared hosting services

Before we go any further, let me save you scrolling down and answer this burning question. What is the best webhosting provider?


Any of the above companies are great for a blog or a start-up


In fact, you could roll the dice and pick a company by chance from those listed at the top of this page and you would not go wrong.

Web hosting reviews I read about the best webhosting company are often pointless because they compare webhosting services of the same tech group. For example, though rivals in the marketing scene, BlueHost and Hostmonster are effectively the same company under the EIG umbrella. Why compare web hosts that only differ in the choice of brand colours. Also, webhosting prices differ by a few cents.

Not only are the products very similar, but the way they are being marketed is the same. This clearly indicates that behind many top webhosting brands there only a few technology corporations with very distinct marketing strategies. Except of EIG, the main webhosting groups in North America are and GoDaddy. These companies now have acquired many other smaller web hosting firms in Europe and Asia.

Since hundreds of webhosting companies belong to just a handful of tech giants, using identical marketing strategies for the brands in their groups, you can see now why it is difficult to choose the best webhosting brand.


What does Unlimited mean in Shared Hosting

For webmasters, especially for those without a technical background, choosing a webhost gets even more confusing by the terms used (often deliberately) by the Webhosting companies.

In 1999 I started working for Nortel Networks making the World Wide Web. A few years later, in 2004 I was working for Seagate making hard drives for more demanding networks. My background means that I understand terms like bandwidth, diskspace, MySQL and many more.

However, based on my experience, what seems to be more confusing to mummy bloggers or small business owners who want to sell shirts and ties online is that everything on shared hosting environment is “unlimited”.

All web hosting packages that are listed at the top of this page offer:


  • Unlimited diskspace, as if you can host an infinite number of files in the server


  • Unlimited bandwidth, as if you can have as many visitors as Amazon on Black Friday on your shared hosting server.


  • Unlimited email accounts, as if you are planning to hire as many employees as Wal-Mart.


  • Unlimited websites, as if you are a web developer planning to host customers’ sites in a shared hosting environment.


But can “unlimited” features be substantiated in the tech world? The answer is NO. You cannot have infinite features, especially in a shared hosting environment with many neighbours worrying about their uptime and speed.


Don’t be stupid, Disk Space and Bandwidth cannot be infinite


Albert Einstein said that two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. He was not certain about the first one.

Unlimited is just a marketing trick. Unlimited service means that “for a normal small website, the shared hosting server gives you more than enough”.


Even when it comes to the best web hosting, there is no server in the world that can give you such things as unlimited features


Customer service

Among the list of features that webhosting companies provide there is just one thing that is important: 24/7/365 technical support – by proper experts.

My experience as an online business owner, and that of many other professional webmasters, says that price is not the most important thing when selecting a webhost. Service is the most critical factor.


Flash news: Murphy ’s Law applies in your business


From all the business laws I know, the most commonly applied in any critical online businesses is Murphy ’s Law. That means that your website will go down when you need it the most. At that time, what you need desperately, more than “unlimited diskspace” and “unlimited bandwidth” and other unlimited promises, is a tech person with unlimited knowledge and unlimited time to work for you. I know you can’t get that.

Ideally, you want an expert technician located within the webhosts data center who will answer your call and help you bring your site back up again in no time at all.

Let me give you some pointers in this respect:

  • Customer service means you can call the web host and speak to a technician right there and then. If it is Friday night, you don’t want to talk to a call centre who will raise a ticket and push it to a tech guy on Monday morning.


  • You do not want to be paying extra per minute or per call for having a tech guy look at your server. If you do that, you will be paying services charges as big as those of a lawyer in Manhattan. Service must be included in the monthly web hosting fee you pay.



  • You want to ensure that the tech guy understands your website’s platform or CMS. For example, if your site is built in WordPress, and especially if your site is hosted on server that caters exclusively for WordPress sites, then you want to be talking to a guy in the webhost’s facilities who specialises on WordPress.


To summarise

There is no such thing as a top webhosting company. The companies listed at the top of this page are pretty much the same.

There is no such thing as unlimited features. However, rest assured, that for a blog or small business site, the above webhosting companies give you more than enough to get started.

If your site demands extra security, if it is a critical mission application, if your site exceeds 1,000 visitors a day, if you have more than 1,000 pages, or if you want your site to download at the speed of light so that Google loves you and ranks you higher, then think about moving your site from a shared hosting server to a VPS or Dedicated server.


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