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Have the zeal and desire to share your knowledge in Cloud Computing and Web Hosting to the entire world? Do you understand terms like bandwidth, storage and you enjoy writing about hosting, virtual or dedicated servers? If yes, then you are the writer we are looking for.

Why Work With Us?

Writing for us has numerous benefits. To begin with, you are allowed to naturally slip a link in the main body of your content or just include it in the author’s bio. With this, starters are guaranteed of great exposure to their respective websites.

We promote all informative and interesting articles on social media. The benefits of this are known and enormous.

Google spiders, great as they are, believe in our content and a few days after we post new pages, they are there swarming through this pages.

As many people access your published content article, traffic to your website increases and this will definitely increase your revenue.

Tips On How to Pitch All Your Content

First, the article has to cover unique discussions and analysis of any issues related to acquisitions and mergers, new services and products, competition, and market trends.

In addition, to get our attention, you must:

· Give an offer that is less than 50 words.

· The title of this projected article must be newsworthy, appealing and based on not only current market and financial affairs but also, any promotional offers given by online merchants and stores.

· Give a three line or less, striking summary of your content.

· Demonstrate full knowledge of the subject at hand.

Just remember that we are interested in quality articles from all industries be it fashion, technology or any other.


What to Avoid At All Cost

Remember, that this is what will make your article not to be published. A good example is when you send us an email like this:

“Dear Editor,

After following your site for long, I noticed that you accept new content. It’s true that your site has informative and noteworthy content. I think, I can get a chance to contribute my concepts to your website. I just completed an inclusive research on the topics you cover and can share a portion on the knowledge acquired about them. “

You use this pattern, just be sure it will go straight to the trash.