About Us

Who we are


Hi! I am Alex Papaconstantinou, founder of Webhostingology! We are a team of individuals with passion for entrepreneurialism.

Setting up new ventures makes us happy. Webhostingology.com is a domain dedicated to the science of Webhosting.

Here we document our research on webhosting and its impact on digital marketing and online business.



We dig in deep into the challenges of webmasters to make a living on the web.  We serve the new economy of kids who compete for a place on Google with multibillion pound corporations (and win!).

Our work starts with a question, evolves into research, and ends with an answer (hopefully)—capped with more questions.

We also publish offers, deals, coupons and anything that can save webmasters time and money.

We strive for perfection with all content we produce and videos we publish. The reality is we only learn how to do things better next time.



Sometimes it’s things we hear from you. Sometimes it’s things we find. Often, it’s a shocking realisation that what we thought was right, was only an illusion.



What stands between webhosting and success? Well, besides your router and your hosting in the cloud – lots! Our monthly and weekly posts are dedicated to analysing how Location, Speed, Service, Communication, Uptime are all integral parts of your website’s vital signs.

Another ingredient of success is work – focused work. Working along the right direction is more important than working long hours.

At Webhostingology our aim is to serve webmasters with laser-focused content on what really matters.

We would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch with us.