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Review of Managed WordPress Hosting and Best Deals


This section provides a very brief introduction into Managed WordPress Hosting. We see who the potential client for Managed WordPress Hosting is and how it differs from Shared Hosting for WordPress.

We also review the managed WordPress hosting service provided by Liquid Web and the latest Liquid Web discount coupon codes that apply on Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress plans.


Introduction into Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are a beginner with WordPress, you might not quite understand the difference between ordinary Shared Hosting for WordPress and Managed WordPress Hosting.

LiquidWeb used to offer Shared Hosting plans for WordPress. However, in April 2016 the company made a strategic decision to focus on business and corporate clients. Therefore, in August 2016 they terminated their Shared Hosting services.


So what is Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress hosting and who needs it?

If all you need is hosting for a small WordPress blog then Liquid Web’s Managed WP hosting is over engineered for your job. The most advisable thing for you would be to use regular shared hosting - since it is a lot more affordable.

However, if you own a sophisticated WordPress website for business purposes, then Managed WordPress Hosting from Liquid Web is probably the right hosting solution.

If your business needs a high traffic WordPress website to work well, then Managed WordPress Hosting will meet your hosting requirements.

Of course, you can choose to host a big WordPress site in your own server and manage it entirely “in house”.

However, if your business does not have server management skills, it is likely that you will not know how to set up, manage and optimise your server on a daily and weekly basis.

Self-managed hosting - including dedicated, VPS, and shared hosting - will require you or your staff to take care of server issues and secure your site’s uptime, speed, software updates, security, and more. Can you do that? And if you can, do you have the time do manage a server together with day-to-day business activities?

This is why Liquid Web introduced their Managed WordPress Hosting plans. And now, these plans are available to businesses of all sizes and business start-ups at competitive prices thanks to Liquid Web coupons.

More on Liquid Web’s promotional codes at the bottom of this article.


Understanding Managed WordPress Hosting

Liquid Web’s Managed WP Hosting is the concierge service that will take care of all the technical aspects of your hosting.

When you choose this solution, Liquid Web will ensure that your server’s uptime, daily backups, WordPress updates, speed, scalability and security meet high professional and industry standards.

Managed WordPress Hosting by Liquid Web means that you outsource the management of your server and you get the completely hassle free hosting experience you are looking for irrespective of how big or complicated your website is.

As such, you can allocate resources on what you consider more important business activities such as running your business and making money.

The core benefit you gain from Managed WP Hosting is that it comes with premium support from Liquid Web. This means the support you receive is from WordPress hosting specialists. This is much better than counting on a support employee in your organisation who may have to read a manual to figure out how your server works.


Pros and Cons of Managed WP Hosting

So, what advantages and disadvantages come with Managed WordPress Hosting from Liquid Web?

Although this service sounds pretty amazing, not everyone will necessarily enjoy it. Consider the following disadvantages:


Pricing:Liquid Web’s Managed WP Hosting package is more expensive compared to typical share hosting services. The base plan, for instance, starts at around $29/month while shared hosting will only cost you around $3.95 every month. However, if you manage your server in house, and you take into consideration the costs of paying a qualified server administrator, then paying more for managed hosting from Liquid Web makes sense.

Limits: Since the server architecture has been designed for WordPress, it means that you might only be able to run websites that are based on WP. However, this is not a disadvantage if it is what you are looking for. Still, you should note that Liquid Web blocks all plugins that might slow your server’s speed. Although this is not much of a flaw, it might prove to be problematic if you want control of your tools and software.

Less Control: Liquid Web manages all technical aspects, meaning that you won’t have a say about when features of the service change. However, this is something of an advantage for people who do not want to have to manage a server on their own.


That said, there are some clear benefits that you stand to gain when you sign up and use the Managed WP Hosting service from Liquid Web.


Security: Liquid Web has created tight security layers around its managed WP hosting servers. These layers will scan your website and account for hacks and malware and block them before they cause any harm.

Speed: Managed hosting servers are much faster than shared hosting facilities even for websites with a lot of traffic.

Daily Backups: Liquid Web has programmed its servers to create backups on a daily basis. These backups will serve as great restore points should you ever need to revert to an earlier version of your site.

Automatic Updates: If you get a Managed WP Hosting product you do not need to worry about having to keep your server with the latest software updates. Liquid Web will do it as part of their service.

100% Uptime: Under reasonable circumstances and reasonable amount of traffic in your site, you will not experience downtime.

Liquid Web Coupon Offer: Liquid Web understands the challenge many webmasters face when they make the leap from shared hosting to managed hosting due to the financial cost of the later. Therefore, the company offers periodically various introductory discounts in the form of discount codes or promotional codes. At the time of this writing webmasters could get Liquid Web’s voucher code “WORDPRESS33” and receive 33% off first three months of hosting.

Support: Unlike many other hosts who subcontract technical support to third party tech teams, the WP specialists at Liquid Web know everything there is to know about WordPress. You can get in touch with them anytime time, night or day, for advice about performance, problems, plugins, and more.


Seeing how customer support is such a vital factor when deciding about web hosting we have studied and summarized below Liquid Web’s technical support priorities:


Liquid Web Customer Support

As a website owner you will need to contact the host’s support team at one point or the other. Ideally, when you as a webmaster need help about your website, you need to be able to get in touch with your host via phone, live chat, ticketing, or email.

  • Very efficiently, Liquid Web has exactly that; Knowledgeable support staff, certified engineers who are available 24/7.
  • The support team is based in the US. In fact the support is on-site, in the actual data center, and it is provided by actual WP technicians.
  • Liquid Web aims to answer your call within the first 59 seconds.


Testing Liquid Web’s Chat Support

We contacted Liquid Web’s support team via chat in order to assess their response time, knowledge and ability to answer our questions.

Below is a copy of this conversation. For privacy reasons the names and emails of people have been removed.

Note from this conversation that if there are no current Liquid Web discount codes, the company “can give you a second month credit. It’s a manual credit so there is no coupon”. To do that you need to contact the company beforehand and give them your details, as well as the hosting name and email address you will be using when you open your account.


Here is the full conversation:

“Welcome to Liquid Web!

M: Hi, what brings you to Liquid Web today?

A:Hi, I am considering buying Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5, 4-core and I wanted to see if there is a coupon code I can use for this product.

M:I will be happy to help. Did you find a coupon code on the page to order, we usually place them there if we have any. Is this for a new project? Or will you need any migration assistance?

A:No, its new. There is nothing on the page.

M: Ah, normally if there is a coupon available there should be one there. I can help you order if you like though. Walk you through the process.

A:Are you based at Liquid Web's data center or in a call center?

M: Yes, I am located as most of our sales/support in our Datacenter 3 location. Are you looking to order today if you can find a special? Or right now?

A:I can order online. If there was a promo code, it would help. There are codes for other products, such as your Cloud Sites or Managed WP, but not for Dedicated Servers.

M:I don't have a coupon code for dedicated, I checked. However, if you order now, I can give you a second month credit. It’s a manual credit so there is no coupon, you just need to order and when I see the order completed I can add the credit.

Make sure you put a phone number they can reach you at, as they will call you to verify the order.

A:Ok. Thanks for that. What part of the US is Datacenter Location 3?


A:I am very impressed by Liquid Web hosting products and service. You are very quick to respond. Thank you.

M:You are welcome.”


Managed Hosting Plans from Liquid Web

After you decide to sign up for Liquid Web’s managed WP hosting, consider the following plans it has in store for you.

Liquid Web has 3 managed WordPress hosting plans, including:

Personal: This plan was designed for anyone looking to host a website or more. At a cost of $119 per month ($79.73 first month if you apply coupon code WORDPRESS33), the Personal Plan will allow you to host 10 websites or less. It also comes with SSD Storage (100 GB), and a bandwidth of 5TB.

Professional: This package starts out at $189 a month ($149.73 the first month if you apply coupon code WORDPRESS33). It works best for anyone looking to host 20 websites or less, and comes with 5TB bandwidth and 150 GB SSD storage.

Agency: Agency plans start at $289 per month ($249.73 the first month if you apply coupon code WORDPRESS33). With it, you will get to host a maximum of 40 websites, as well as enjoy 5TB bandwidth and 300GB SSD storage.

Enterprise: Liquid Web’s Enterprise managed WordPress hosting has a full capacity of 100 websites. It also comes with 5TB bandwidth and 400GB SSD storage – all starting from $669.

The above plans are designed to be hassle-free, well supported, and fast loading.


Liquid Web Coupons

Usually Liquid Web offers product specific coupon codes. For example, at the time of this writing, potential buyers of CloudSites could get 33% Off for 3 months with coupon code CLOUD33.

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