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Using KnowHost promo codes to save on WordPress Hosting


Here we examine the Managed WordPress Hosting plans by KnownHost. We see their suitability for professional blogs. We also see check their prices and latest KnownHost coupons that can save you money on your investment.


Why use Managed WordPress Hosting (vs. Shared Hosting)

Unlike regular shared hosting, this hosting solution involves a server, or a number of servers, that have custom software dedicated to hosting WordPress sites only. For this reason, it comes with quite a number of unique benefits.


They include:

Server is always updated with the latest software for WordPress

WordPress servers are always updated with the latest features available to platform users. Therefore, your site will always be at the top of its game when it uses WordPress hosting.


Better Security

Thanks to the focus on WordPress hosting, there are very strong security protocols available to users of WordPress hosting. The security provided for WordPress hosting is also better because the hosting comes with special WordPress support.

Increased Speed

Since the server used to host WordPress sites is uniquely designed for this platform, it can be customized substantially to provide better speeds. WordPress sites can load a second or so faster than other sites.

Better Technical Support

WordPress support teams consists of experts in these kinds of websites. Therefore, the staff is highly specialized and better equipped to dealing with any WordPress-specific hosting issues you might have.

Improved Uptime

Basically, when you have a WordPress site, you will not share a server with as many sites. And in any case, you will not share your server with sites that will hog server resources and affect your uptimes.

Special Money Saving Offers (KnownHost Discount Codes for Managed WordPress Hosting)

Though Managed WordPress Hosting is certainly more expensive than shared hosting plans, most web hosting companies offer attractive offers and generous discounts.


KnownHost digital codes give you 50% off


See more about KnownHost promotional codes and plans below.



KnownHost’s Managed WordPress Plans

KnownHost offers great managed WordPress hosting through its two hosting plans; WP-1 and WP-2.



The WP-1 plan goes for just $5.97 a month, and it will give you 50 GB of SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth. With this plan, you can also have up to 100 thousand visitors on your site every month. The plan offers support for a single site.


KnownHost Managed WordPress Plan 1 



The other WordPress hosting plan by KnownHost is called WP-2. It is a little pricier at $9.97, and it offers more storage and allows a greater number of monthly visitors. While the WP-1 plan can support up to 100 thousand visitors, the WP-2 plan can allow you up to 200 thousand visitors.



KnownHost Managed WordPress Plan 2


The storage is also twice as much as that offered under the WP-1 plan since you will get 100 GB of SSD storage. Like the alternative plan, however, you will also get unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and support for 1 WordPress website.


KnownHost Coupon

As mentioned above, KnownHost offers a number of very generous coupons to make Managed WordPress Hosting more affordable.


KnownHost discount coupons offer 30-50% off lifetime discounts on most packages


Let’s assume you pick Managed WordPress Hosting WP-2, plan 2. This plan, for a 3 year term, would cost $718.16. However, KnownHost promotional code KH50DEAL takes 50% off your order.


KnownHost Coupon 



7 reasons to choose KnownHost for your Managed WordPress Hosting

In my opinion, knownHost goes over and beyond to make sure that its managed WordPress hosting service is among the best you can hope to find anywhere. There are at least 7 reasons, I have found, that make KnownHost’s Managed WordPress hosting a good choice.


  1. Free Backups. When you pay for KnownHost WordPress hosting, you will get free daily off-server backups of your site. Therefore, even if the server fails and loses your site’s data and information, you can rest easy knowing that it will be restored from this backup.
  2. Advanced Site Management Tools. The host wants you to take full advantage of the KnownHost platform. That is why they will give you access to WordPress management tools such as Git, SSH/SFTP, WP-CLI and more.
  3. Round the Clock Support. KnownHost’s WordPress support staff responds fast to any client issues. Additionally, it is uniquely conversant with WordPress hosting issues.
  4. Free and Easy Migrations. You can move your site at any time, and free of charge, when using KnownHost. This is handled fast by highly experienced staff.
  5. Automatic Updates. You will not have to be concerned about your WordPress site getting outdated as KnownHost constantly and automatically updates the core, plugins and themes.
  6. Free Imunify360 Security. Imunify360 Security is a feature that analyzes patterns, blocks attacks, and detects vulnerabilities in your site to keep your site safe and secure. Most hosts will insist on charging you something extra for this handy feature, but KnownHost will give you this security feature freely.
  7. Generous KnownHost coupon. A 50% KnownHost coupon code will most likely be already at checkout, so you don’t even have to look for a valid promo code.


Other coupons and deals for Managed WordPress Hosting

KnownHost Voucher Code: KHA50DEAL. 50% off
KnownHost Promo Code: 50OFF, also gives you hosting for half the original price!


Written by Alex Papaconstantinou








Using KnowHost’s promotional codes to save on VPS Hosting


In this section we look at the VPS plans provided by KnownHost. We discuss features, prices and KnownHost discount codes, as well as technical details, such as processing units and SSD storage.


What is SSD Hosting?

KnownHost’s VPS plans all come with SSD hosting. But what does this really mean? SSD is a technological storage innovation more advanced than HDD storage.


HDD storage consists of mechanical devices, while SSD storage is purely electronic. HDD storage has a rotating disk with a magnetic coating. The disks can reach speeds of up to 15 thousand rotations per minute.  But this technology is slowly fading away. Some downsides to using HDD storage include the fact that the disks can fail due to too much movement and that the read/write speeds are significantly lower in comparison to SSD disks.


SSD Pros

SSD technology, on the other hand, stores data on microchips. So, there are no moving parts; which means that in theory, there are no delays when it comes to reading and writing data. For this reason, their data transfer speeds can be up to 4 times greater than what HDDs can offer.


SSD Cons

SSD storage is a lot more expensive to use than HDD storage. (KnownHost coupon codes take off a part of your cost. We see more about coupons for KnownHost.com at the bottom of this section)


KnownHost Managed VPS Hosting Plans

KnownHost has a selection of great Managed VPS plans you can use to host your site in a powerful yet affordable manner. Here is a closer look at these plans.


1. MVPS-1

This plan costs $28 a month, or $336 a year, and it comes with 2 vCPU cores, guaranteed RAM of 2 GB, 2 TB of bandwidth, 50 GB of SSD storage, and 2 IP addresses. The plan also includes a cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin.


 Managed VPS MVPS-1


2. MVPS-2

For $49 a month, or $588 a year, you will get the MVPS-2 plan. Like the MVPS-1 plan, you will get 2 vCPU cores, 2 IP addresses, and the cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin feature. However, the RAM will be much higher at 4GB while the SSD storage will be 100 GB. 3 TB of premium bandwidth will also be available.


Selecting this plan for a term of 1 Year works out at $840.00.

 KnownHost Coupon for Managed VPS


Applying KnownHost code KH30DEAL saves 30%



3. MVPS-3

This plan is worth $63 a month or $756 a year. Site owners on this plan will get 4 cores of vCPU, 6 GB RAM, 150 GB of SSD storage, and 4 TB of bandwidth. The plan also includes 2 IP addresses and a cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin feature.


4. MVPS-4

This is the most powerful managed VPS plan by KnownHost. Offered at a price of $80.50 a month, or $966 a year, the plan will give you access to 6 cores of vCPU, 8 GBs of RAM, and 200 GB of SSD storage. You may be able to save up to 30% if you apply a valid promo code for KnownHost.com.

The hosting plan will also include 5 TB of premium bandwidth as well as 2 IP addresses. As with other plans, you will also get a cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin feature.


KnownHost Uptime Record

The host has an incredible uptime record of 99.996%, which is much higher than what most hosts could ever give their users. This is possible because the company relies on VPS servers that are based on SSD storage. The better uptimes are also ensured by the company’s use of premium data center facilities that provide top notch speeds, reliability, and bandwidth.


KnownHost Coupon Deal

You can get Managed VPS services for a discounted price by using a special  KnownHost’s offer code. With this discount offer, you will get 30% off the cost of your plan by using the KH30DEAL coupon code available on the host’s site.


Prepared by Alex Papaconstantinou





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