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Save on Shared Hosting with InterServer Coupons


InterServer is a webhosting firm who operate from Secaucus, New Jersey, only a few minutes drive from Manhattan, New York. Their web services include Dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and cloud hosting. In this article we will examine their shared hosting options, features, costs as well as the latest Inteserver coupon codes.


Shared Hosting plan and term options

As per the time of this review, Inteserver offered one shared hosting plan that you could take over 6 months, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months; The longer the term you take the cheaper the plan works out (per month).

You can opt for the 6-month term which is $28.50 and works out at $4.75 per month. Alternatively, you can choose Inteserver’s 12-month term for a 1-off payment of $54.00 and that works out at $4.50.

If you take out a 2-year term you will be charged $102.00 upfront which is $4.24 per month. You get better value for your money on the 36-month terms. This will cost you $144 for the entire term, but it is just $4 per month. There are coupon codes for Inteserver.com that save you a few dollars on your hosting. You will see more on discount offers at the bottom of this article.




InterServer Shared Hosting Features

Apart of the competitive prices, InterServer offer some very attractive features in their shared hosting plan.


  • Unlimited Storage. This means that you can have access to whatever disk space is needed for your web hosting needs. Of course, this is in the context of being reasonable with what you host. Should your site have thousands of pages and visitors you will be asked to migrate your site to a VPS or dedicated server environment.


  • Unlimited Transfer. This is also known as unlimited data transfer or unlimited bandwidth. This means that, in theory there is no limit on the amount of data your visitors can download from your site. In practice, however, if your site has too many visitors that may cause the server to crash or brings other the sites hosted in the same server under risk of running too slow, then you will be encouraged to move to a dedicated hosting server.


You need no InterServer promotion code for the unlimited features to apply


  • Unlimited Websites. InterServer gives you the chance to host as many websites as you want under the same hosting account. This feature can be useful to web designers who want host several sites in one hosting facility. Again, the term “unlimited” is a marketing word and is used just because it sounds good. In practice, however, it is not possible to host an infinite number of websites in one server account. Therefore, the term unlimited just means “more than what you are likely to need”.


My advice is if you have a lot of websites to host, then get a VPS or Dedicated server


  • Unlimited Email. For the domain names hosted in the account you can create as many email accounts as you need. In practice this will not be infinite. However, it looks much better when it appears as “unlimited”.


  • FREE SSL Certificates. This is a very good feature for sites that want to inspire trust and reliability. Usually, SSL Certificates can cost $40 or more.



Why choose InterServer for your Shared Hosting requirements

After examining what is on offer in InterServer’s shared hosting plan you will realise that the company matches, or even surpasses, webhosting plans offered by webhosting giants like HostGator and GoDaddy:


  • If you buy a webhosting plan at InterServer.com, you can register or transfer your existing domain name for just $1.99.


  • If you already own a website hosted in a different server then InterServer’s help team will assist you in migrating your site to their server free of charge.


  • If you need help with technical or admin issues, Inteserver’s help line is open via Chat, Phone or Email, 24/7.


InterServer’s Datacenter and team of experts are based in New Jersey


  • Unlike many other webhosting companies, InterServer are not using a third party Datacenter. They own their own Datacenter facility and their team is onsite 24/7.


  • InterServer’s policy is to keep the load of the servers at no more than 50% of their capacity. By doing so, they allow your website, and other sites hosted in the same server, enough room to grow in terms of traffic, data transfer and storage, without experiencing any performance issues.


  • InterServer claims to have a state of the art Datacenter that exceeds industry average specification. The SQL Databases are stored on ultra-fast SSD drives. Their hardware raid 10 servers come with SSD aching.


  • To control your website InterServer give you access to industry leading cPanel. That is free of charge without the need for an InterServer promo code. Backup is included in the package and it comes with a 1-click restore.


  • For your peace of mind, InterServer’s 30-day money back guarantee means that if you are unhappy with the service provided at any time within the first 30 days, you can ask and get your money back.


  • Also, for you peace of mind, InterServer guarantee not to increase the annual cost of hosting above your current annual rate. Inteserver are so confident that you will be entirely satisfied with them that they can arrange a monthly payment plan for you, rather paying the entire cost of hosting for you for free.


  • From the coding perspective, you will be glad to know that InterServer’s hosting plan offers unlimited Mysql databases and support languages such as PHP, Fast CGI, CGI, Ruby on Rails, Python, SSI.


  • InterServer offers easy 1-click install of content management systems and their pertinent apps for WordPress, Magendo, Drupal, Manbo,  Zoomla.


  • Should your site expand and outgrows your shared hosting capacity, then InterServer can migrate your site to a Dedicated Hosting server for free. To clarify, the migration from a Shared Hosting server to a Dedicated Hosting server is free of charge. You will have to pay Dedicated Hosting rates once you site has moved in the new hosting environment.


  • As a client of InterServer shared hosting, you will have access to Free CloudFlare CDN, which is one of the most popular content distribution network solutions today.



InterServer coupons 2017

InterServer offer a number of coupon codes for VPS and Shard Hosting plans with their hosting plans. These are available here.

At the time of this review, if you applied InterServer coupon FACEBOOK50 you would save 50% off the first month on any VPS plan.

Applying InterServer promo code ROCKONINTERSERVER would give you the first month on the Openvz VPS for one cent. This offer was valid only on Linux VPS plan.

Finally InterServer promotional code SPRINGHOSTING gives you the first month on any Shared Hosting for one cent.


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