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Finding the Secret HostMonster coupon. Review of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Plans


HostMonster is a competitive web hosting provider that offers a variety of shared hosting packages. Here's a quick overview of how HostMoster coupon codes apply on their Shared Hosting their options and what they mean for you, the consumer.


Shared Hosting plans

HostMonster offers a standard 3-tiered setup for shared hosting. It has three distinct plans, called "basic," "plus," and "prime." The Basic plan, which costs $4.95 a month offers 50 GB of storage space, unmetered bandwidth, and comes with a single included domain. While you're only allowed to host one website and 5 e-mail accounts on this plan, it still offers more than enough resources for smaller websites. This works out at $178.20  ($4.95 for 36 months). However, using the method described below you can save 25% off HostMoster plans. No Hostmonster discount code needed.


The Plus plan upgrades things quite a bit for a small cost increase. It's $6.95 a month and comes with 150 GB of site storage for up to 10 websites. You can now host up to 100 e-mail accounts on your site, giving you a lot more flexibility with handling incoming mail. The Plus plan also comes with $150 of bundled marketing offers, which is handy if you're trying to grow your site's web presence.


The Prime plan is a slight upgrade over the Plus plan for a very small cost increase. At $6.95 a month it offers more value than the Plus plan. The big upgrade here is that you now can host "unlimited" websites on "unmetered" space. This means that you can host a pretty large number of small sites without having to worry, especially if they share assets (or you host files on the cloud). You also get unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited e-mail storage, and a few extra marketing offers. Finally, your domains are covered by a privacy protection plan, and your site is automatically backed up with Site Backup Pro.


Applying the Special Sign-Up HostMonster Promoion

When checking out HostMonster’s shred hosting plan you will notice that there is no field where you can apply a discount coupon. However, at checkout, after you enter your personal details and before entering your payment information, try clicking back. If you attempt to leave the checkout page, HostMonster brings up a discount pop up.


By clicking on “Claim Savings” the price of the product you have picked will change. If for example you have selected the Basic plan, then claiming the savings will reduce the price of the plan from $4.95 to $3.49.


HostMonster Shared Hosting Coupon


The coupon deal will also include Free Domain Privacy and Free Site Backup


What Is Site Backup Pro?

SIte Backup Pro is a utility that automatically saves both databases and site files to a safe place. It's a fantastic feature for websites due to the unpredictable nature of web hosting. Even the most reliable CMS that's hosted by the most reliable company can be vulnerable to 0-day hacks, software glitches, and other catastrophes that can suddenly erase all of your site data. Site Backup Pro automates the backup process and ensures that you have a safe, recent restore point no matter what. This feature applies on all shared hosting plans free of charge if you claim the Special Sign-Up HostMonster Coupon.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

HostMonster offers a 30-day refund period on all of its hosting services. Should you find their customer service or hosting inadequate for any reason, you can simply cancel your plan within the first month and receive a full refund. This refund does NOT apply to domain names and other non-web hosting services, but you're free to simply point those domains to your new site elsewhere. It's worth noting that should you take advantage of this money back guarantee on a plan with a "free" domain, HostMonster will bill you $16 for the price of the domain after refunding your hosting package. Again, you'll still keep the domain.



How to Apply HostMonster Promo Codes on Dedicated Hosting Plans

HostMonster offers three types of dedicated hosting packages. A dedicated hosting plan is a major upgrade compared to a shared hosting plan which also involves a major investment compared to the shared hosting prices.

Warning: You need to be sure that dedicated hosting is for your website since there is no HostMonster coupon deals or offers that let you get your first month hosting free of charge.

The standard plan puts you in control of a 4 core Xeon CPU with a 3MB cache, 4 GB of RAM, and 500 GB of RAID 1 storage. You get 5 TB per month of bandwidth, a free domain name, and 3 IP addresses you can utilize however you like. This plan costs a bit under $110 per month after the introductory pricing period has expired. However, you can get it for $79.99 per month if you choose a 36-month term.


HostMonster Dedicated Hosting Coupon 


Should you choose to upgrade to the Enhanced plan, you'll get a bigger 8 MB cache on your Xeon processor. You'll also get twice as much ram (8 GB), twice as much storage (1000 GB of RAID 1 drives), and twice the bandwidth (10 TB per month). Again, you get a free domain name and 4 IP addresses. This plan costs slightly less than $160 per month after the first 30 days. However, you can get it for $99.99 per month if you choose a 36-month term.


Again, no discounts or special HostMonster promotional coupons apply in any plan


Finally, the Premium plan offers a little bit more. While the processor you'll get on your dedicated server is pretty similar, it comes hooked up to 16 GB of ram and you get a little bit more bandwidth to play with (15 TB instead of 10). Just like the Enhanced plan, the Premium plan is powered by a 4 core Intel Xeon CPU with 8 processing threads. It still comes with a free domain name and gives you an additional IP address to use with your server. This plan is slightly less than $210 per month after the trial price ends. However, initially you can get it for just $119.99 per month.

All three dedicated hosting plans come with 64-bit CentOS 6.5 on your server.


Dedicated Hosting Features

HostMonster practices Instant Provisioning. This means that when you purchase dedicated hosting or upgrade an existing hosting plan, your account will be updated with any changes within a few seconds or minutes. This means you can start work on your website or other project immediately, without any delays or hitches.

You get full root access through CentiOS as well as control over an enhanced cPanel to make managing your server easy. Finally, HostMonster offers high-performance write-back caching on all dedicated hosting accounts.

HostMonster offers a few extra goodies with all of its dedicated hosting packages without the need to apply a Hostmonster coupon at checkout. Not only are you covered by professional dedicated support and HostMonster's 30-day money back guarantee, you also get mirrored RAID 1 storage for faster, safer access to your data.


More about HostMonster Dedicated Hosting here https://www.hostmonster.com/dedicated/

Other similar offers https://www.webhostingology.com/namecheap-promo-codes/



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