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Review of Godaddy’s Linux vs. Windows Shared Hosting Plans

This guide explains the differences between GoDaddy’s Linux and Windows shared hosting plans. We go into details about the technical features of each plan. We give you some tips to help you decide what operating system is most suitable for your website based on source code and framework your site is made of. Finally, if you decide to buy any of these plans, we give you a list of GoDaddy hosting coupons to help you save money at godaddy.com.


For most webhosting companies, shared Linux hosting plans is all you get. Not with Godaddy!


With GoDaddy, you can choose between Linux and Windows shared hosting. This is a guide on how to choose between GoDaddy’s Linux and Windows shared hosting plans.


GoDaddy Linux Shared Hosting Plan

GoDaddy gives you the choice of 3 Linux plans. They are the Economy, the Deluxe, and the Ultimate plans.


Godaddy Linux Shared Hosting Plans 


The Economy Plan

The Economy plan is best suited for starter sites. Its features include support for a single site, 100 GB of storage, unmetered bandwidth, 1 year free Microsoft Office 365 Business email, and a free domain when you sign up for the annual plan. The Economy plan currently goes for $3.49 a month.


Deluxe Plan

If you buy the Deluxe plan, you can host unlimited websites. You will enjoy unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, one year free Microsoft Office 365 Business email, and a free domain with the annual plan. The Deluxe plan currently goes for $4.99 a month.

All the above prices are based on a 36-month contract. Prices are slightly more if you choose 24 or 12-month solutions.

GoDaddy recommends this plan as the best value plan. For a year, and together with site Backup & Restore, which is strongly recommended, the price is $95.76.

You can get up to 30% off with a GoDaddy hosting promo code.

Coupon codes for GoDaddy hosting are listed at the bottom of this article.


Godaddy Linux Deluxe Shared Hosting


Ultimate Plan

If you get the Ultimate plan you get everything from a Deluxe plan. Additionally, you will get twice the processing power and the memory, premium DNS, and a year’s SSL certificate which could help to protect your users and help your site rank higher in search engines. The Ultimate plan currently goes for $7.99 a month.



Technical Specifications - GoDaddy Linux Shared Hosting Plan

Each of GoDaddy’s Linux shared hosting plan includes the following:

125 applications downloadable for free with just a single click. The applications supported are for WordPress, Joomla, and even Drupal.

cPanel, which happens to be the industry gold-standard. With this panel, you can gain access to all hosting features as well as other settings. It is an easy to use control panel that is also quite versatile. And that means you will have an easy time as a site administrator.

1 GB of database storage (MySQL Linux) as

Cage FS to provide 24/7 content protection with a virtualised file system and DDoS protection.

CloudLinux, a feature that will help you keep your site online with properly balanced CPU, RAM and Disk IO limits.

Resources on Demand that can get you more CPU, RAM and EntryProcesses and I/O with only a click Additional hosting resources can be purchased with a single click. Therefore, getting all the features your site needs should be a walk in the park.



GoDaddy’s Windows Shared hosting plans

GoDaddy has a choice of three shared hosting plans for Windows users. They are Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate.


Godaddy Windows Shared Hosting Plans 


Economy Plan

If you are hosting a basic site, this is the plan for you. It comes with 100 GB of storage, unmetered bandwidth. Other features include 10 MySQL databases of 1GB each, 1 MSSQL database of 200MB, 50 FTP users, free Microsoft 365 Business Email for a year, and a free domain if you get the annual plan. This plan costs $3.49 a month.


Deluxe Plan

If you need a hosting plan that offers more space and flexibility than the economy plan, but have a tight budget, this plan may be for you. You can host as many websites as you want under the same plan. Take advantage of unmetered storage and unmetered bandwidth. You also get a free domain with the annual plan, 50 FTP users, 25 MySQL databases of 1GB each, 2 MSSQL databases of 200MB, and free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email, but only for the first year. The cost of this plan is $4.99.


Ultimate Plan

If you are setting up a more complex site with heavier traffic you should consider GoDaddy’s Ultimate windows shared hosting plan. You get everything you get in a Deluxe plan, plus you have unlimited FTP users, premium DNS and a year’s SSL certificate. The cost of this plan is $7.99 a month.

Prices are based on a 36-month term where you get the best discount. Smaller discounts apply on 12 or 24-month solutions.

Godaddy recommends the Ultimate plan as the option for value for money. However, if you choose a 12-month term the price is not $7.99 per month, but $9.99 per month. Together with site Backup & Restore it works out at $143.76.


Godaddy Windows Ultimate Shared Hosting


GoDaddy hosting coupon codes can take 30% off this. More on promotional codes for GoDaddy hosting further down.


Watch the small print about Unlimited storage and bandwidth


The above webhosting plans are designed to host personal and small business. GoDaddy say that they don't limit the amount of storage and bandwidth your site can use as long as it complies with their Hosting Agreement. However, their hosting agreement says that should your site becomes that big or has so much traffic that it causes other sites to slow down then you may be required to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated (Private) Server.


Technical Specifications of GoDaddy’s Windows Shared Hosting Plans

Windows Server 2012 R2 is the main operating system in each Windows server. This is a powerful server operating system from Microsoft that gives you more control.

200MB of MSSQL database storage at no added cost.

Free applications that support WordPress, Joomla and Drupal can be installed with just a single click. Users have a choice of over 50 such applications.

24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection.


Should you  use a Linux or a Windows server?

Many people who visit GoDaddy’s webhosting page don’t know how choose between Windows or Linux. Really, this depends on your website development tools. Generally speaking, Linux suits most people’s coding requirements. For example if you are building your site in WordPress or Drupal then a Linux server is as good as it can be. However, Widows operating systems are more useful for ASP and ASP.NET development tools.



Cost of Ultimate Linux Plan

I purchased a 36-month Ultimate Linux Hosting plan with Site Backup and Restore.

The backup and restore add-on is important as it keeps your entire site from grinding to a halt due to a single important missing or damaged file. GoDaddy provides daily backups, and the restoration process requires a single click.

The total price of my order was $251.24. Part of this cost was taken up by the $4.99 a month cost of the hosting plan, which ended up costing $179.64 over the 36-month period.

The optional Site Backup and Restore feature came at a price of $1.99 a month, which translated into $71.64 over a 36-month period.


GoDaddy hosting discount codes

Godaddy promotional codes can be applied at checkout. 


Godaddy coupons


GoDaddy hosting coupon 2017 cjcgnc30 saves you 30% on new orders

Also, promo codes for GoDaddy hosting cjc2off30 and CJCCP30PR apply 30% off at checkout.

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