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Review of Shared Hosting Plan and FatCow Coupon

FatCow provides a number of webhosting services including VPS and Dedicated Server hosting. In this article we will review FatCow’s Shared Hosting plan. We will look at its features, prices and latest FatCow coupon codes.

FatCow, like eHost, iPage, iPower, Hostgator, HostRocket, Bluehost, IX Webhosting and at least another 70 Webhosting providers, is a subsidiary brand of Endurance International Group (EIG). EIG, a Massachusetts based company, is one the biggest players in the webhosting industry who grew rapidly by acquiring many smaller firms.


FatCow Shared Hosting Plan

Unlike other Webhosting companies in the EIG group that offer several Shared Hosting plans based on the amount of disk space and bandwidth, FatCow provide you only with just one plan.


Hosting Facts


Unlimited Disk Space. In order to host the content of your website you require disk space. This is usually measured in GB. Usually, companies like BlueHost for example, offer 50 to 100 GB of storage for their basic or starter shared hosting plan. FatCow claim that they offer you unlimited disk space.

Of course, this is just marketing tactics. In reality, a host cannot substantiate unlimited disk space. What FatCow really means with the word “unlimited” is that their servers provide plenty of room for you to host a “small” website or an “ordinary” blog. If your site becomes extraordinary (big and busy with a lot of traffic), then FatCow will contact you to arrange migration of your site to a VPS or Dedicated Server hosting.


There is no such thing as unlimited anything in webhosting. Unlimited is marketing


Unlimited Domains Hosted. In reality, it is impossible to host an infinite number of domain names in one server or network of servers. Servers do have limits. This, again, is a way of saying that you can host many domain names in the same hosting account you open at FatCow. This is, nevertheless, a very useful feature if you are hosting many websites of your own or websites belonging to clients. For example, if you are a web designer you can develop and host a number of your clients’ sites under one account on FatCow.com. This is standard feature and no special FatCow promo code is needed.


Unlimited Email Addresses. Again, the word “unlimited” is just a marketing trick. It just means that you can create more email addresses within your FatCow hosting plan than you are going to need. This feature is particularly useful to small business owners who may need several email addresses for their employees. For each email account FatCow allow you up to 50MG of space or 10,000 emails – whatever of the two – you have reached first. In practice, as a blogger or small business owner you will never need more than a few email addresses.

You can start by creating just one custom email for yourself, like this [email protected]


FatCow provide you the means to access your email from anywhere in the world via the web


Unlimited Bandwidth. This is in essence the amount of traffic that flows between your website and the rest of the internet. Anytime you upload or download something from your site you are using Bandwidth. FatCow claim that they support 99.5% of their clients’ bandwidth demands through their network architecture therefore in reality bandwidth is not unlimited and it could not be so.

Since your site is hosted in a shared hosting facility this means that your site will be sharing the channels of transferring data with other websites. If the amount of data being transferred to and from your site exceeds a certain amount of data then this prevents other websites from uploading and downloading data causing them to slow down.

If your site is so successful that it receives big volumes of traffic, then FatCow will work with you to migrate your site to a scalable VPS or Dedicated Hosting provider.


Free Domain Name. Together with your hosting plan, you will be allowed to register a domain name of your choice free of charge.


No FatCow coupon code is needed to get a free domain name


Free Website Builder. Once you have your domain name and web hosting arranged it is time to start building your site. There are 3 ways to do that:


  • You can commission a web designer to code your site, which is usually the most expensive option but suitable for complex websites.


  • You can use a content management system via platforms such as WordPress, which will give you ready-made suitable templates and plugins. This is the recommended way to build a good-looking website on an average budget.


  • If you are keen on doing it all yourself, or if you have practically no budget for web development, then you can use FatCow’s Website Builder software hosted in the actual server. This offers you drug and drop tools to create a functional web site layout for every page of your site where you can enter images, text, headers, footers. You can also integrate eCommerce tools as well as third party payment processors like PayPal. Using the Website Builder software is free without the need for a special FatCow promotion code.



Though a Website Builder is the cheapest way to create your website, the finished product is never as good as that of a CMS, such as WordPress or Joomla. It may be a good way to start with a site built by a Website Builder, but once your site starts to get more visitors it may be a good idea to invest in a WordPress site.


WordPress install in a few clicks. WordPress, the most popular CMS and blogging platform, is fully integrated in your FatCow shared hosting plan. Once you sign up for hosting on FatCow then you can set up WordPress in just a few clicks.


24/7 Support. There is a lot of competition between the shared hosting providers which has forced the price of shared hosting down to just a few dollars a month. However, experienced webmasters understand that price is not the main factor in choosing shared hosting; Having the right support package as part of the web hosting service is the main decision-making factor. For webmasters whose online revenue is critical to their business operation, 24/7 technical support with immediate response by knowledgeable individuals is crucial. FatCow provides you with telephone line and online Chat available 24/7.


Flexibility in programming. FatCow servers are coded in a way that they can support your software and programming tools and languages like CGI, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, MySQL.


Free Shopping Cart. This is software installed in the server where your site is hosted too. If you need a shopping cart in your site then you can apply it on your site at no extra charge. The shopping cart will allow visitors to select items for purchase, using buttons such as “Add to cart”. It will also provide you with a checkout template where the software will calculate the total for the order. You will be able to include shipping and handling charges and other taxes if they apply. This piece of software is free with your shared hosting plan – no coupon for fatcow.com is needed.


Price and FatCow coupons

The price of your shared hosting plan at fatcow.com starts at $3.15 per month. This price applies to a 3-year hosting plan, therefore it is a total of $115 for a term of 36 months. Normally the price would be $8.95 per month. This is 86% off the initial price. This FatCow discount code applies at checkout automatically.


More reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endurance_International_Group

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