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Activate 70% eHost Discount coupon following these steps:

1. Go to ehost.com and click “Get Started Now”

Get Started 50% eHost Discount

2. After you choose your domain name, you will arrive at eHost’s checkout. You will see “50% Discount Activated”.

3. Now, press refresh. By pressing refresh a coupon pop up comes up that says:

“Hey Wait, Here is a Massive 60% Discount, Before You Go Grab 60% Discount”:

60% OFF ehost coupon

4. Click “Get Discount” for the 60% offer to be activated. 

60% OFF activatedBut wait, you can get a better discount than that.

5. Once your 60% discount has been activated, then pretend you wish to abandon the shopping cart. Do that by attempting closing the window.

Then another coupon pop up will come up:

“Hey Wait, Here is a Massive 60% Discount, Before You Go Grab 60% Discount”

Here is how the coupon will look like:

70% OFF ehost coupon

Click “Get Discount” and this will activate a 70% Discount on your shopping cart.

70% Discount activated 

If you are buying hosting for 3 years, 70% OFF is a big difference compared to paying full price.

Proceed to pay and enjoy 70% Off!


Review of eHost webhosting services

In the meantime, if you choose to read all this post, I will show you what you get if you decide to host your site or blog in an eHost server.

I will also show you one of eHost’s main security tools you must use or risk losing your site. This tool has been out for a long time, but few bloggers know about it.

Finally, I will tell you how you can be a smart buyer, spend less on your hosting and benefit from a 70% eHost discount coupon.


eHost: A small hosting company

eHost.com is a small hosting company. I am going to use a tool provided by Google called “Keyword Keyword Tool” or GKT. This tool gives you the monthly search volume data for words like “ehost”, “ehost reviews” or “ehost coupons”.

GKT Searches for eHost 

GKT shows me that there are 40,500 monthly searches for “ehost”, 3,600 monthly searches for “ehost reviews” and just about 170 monthly searches for “ehost coupon”.

In particular, when it comes to coupons there are just about 20 monthly searches for ehost promo code and no searches for ehost discount codes.

GKT coupon searches 

To help you understand what this means, let me compare these numbers to monthly searches for other webhosting companies. Using the same tool we see that there are over 300,000 monthly searches for Hostgator and over 3 million monthly searches for Godaddy.

Comparison of eHost with Godaddy and Hostgator 

eHost is a small company, however, it has great products for those wanting to host a small site or blog.

Let me talk you through that now.


Buying hosting at eHost.com is simple. Here is why…

Contrary to most webhosting providers eHost does not provide dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and Reseller hosting. At eHost.com you can only get Shared hosting.

Moreover, there is only just one Shared Hosting plan. Other webhosting providers have at least 3 plans with various features. The more features in a plan, the more you pay. However, eHost has just one plan.

This is ideal for you if you are new to webhosting since eHost has taken away all potential complication by presenting you with one good plan only.

Let’s see what you get.


What do you get at eHost hosting plan?

If you are new blogger or a new webmaster, eHost’s plan has all you need and more. With your hosting package you get:

  1. A domain name
  2. An email address
  3. Access to a drag and drop site builder
  4. Access to website templates
  5. Ability to host as many domains as you want in the same space
  6. Access to many ecommerce tools
  7. Access to WordPress blogging tools
  8. $100 worth Marketing bonuses.

You don’t have to pay anything extra to enjoy these features. They are all included in the core hosting plan.

You can avail of eHost’s promotional offer and get your hosting half price. This 50% discount applies automatically. You do not need to apply an ehost coupon at checkout.


What is included in your eHost webhosting plan?


Free Domain eHost Coupon

If you get your webhosting with eHost you automatically get a domain name free of charge. You can enjoy a domain name of your choice for the duration of your hosting plan at eHost.com.

This is great news because with most other webhosting providers, if you get a domain name, you have to ensure you renew it. Hosting with eHost means that you don’t have to stress about domain name renewal every year.

Renewing a domain name can cost you over $30 a year. However, if you host your website at eHost you don’t have to worry about the annual cost or domain name renewal. If you keep your site for 5 years, this offer alone saves you over $150. So make sure you benefit from this offer and register your domain name through eHost.

What happens with your domain name if you move your hosting account to another company?

In this case you do get to keep your domain name for just $20.


Guarantee - Try eHost Risk-Free

Wanting peace of mind? There is another great selling point of eHost which gives you the peace of mind you need. Hosts “30-Day Money-Back” guarantee promises to give you all your money back if you are not happy with the hosting service you get.

eHost are so confident that you will be a happy customer that if you are not satisfied, they’ll give you your money back - no questions asked.

You can phone eHost any time and talk to one of their US-based customer assistants. Since technical support is so important to webmasters, I’ll tell you a bit more about it further in this post.


How much storage space and bandwidth will your eHost plan include?

eHost wants you to have the resources you need to build a great online presence. So, if you host your site in an eHost server you have unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth.

eHost claims that 99.95% of their customers will have more than enough storage space and bandwidth to meet their needs as part of their shared hosting package available at eHost.

This applies when you use your hosting plan for “normal” hosting.

What is not normal hosting? eHost considers “normal” hosting when you use your account for the purpose of serving files for web use. If you use your account for storage or for sharing files, which is not what a hosting account is for, then eHost will have to let you know and request that you remove files from your account.

Unfortunately, if your files get large, eHost cannot upgrade you to a VPS or Dedicated Hosting service. Currently, there are no eHost coupons for free migration to Cloud Hosting or Managed Hosting services.


eHost Chat Support

eHost take pride in quality and level of support they offer. eHost’s customer support has won the prestigious Consumer Ranking Award.

There are 3 ways you can contact eHost:

  1. Use their chat room
  2. Call them on 877-880-0076
  3. Email them at support[at]ehost[dot]com

In any case, a trained in-house expert is there to help you.

Obviously, one of the quickest ways to get support is via Chat. So I decided test eHost Chat Support.

You can chat to member of eHosts support team by repressing two buttons. Click “Support” at the top menu bar and then select “Chat Now”.

eHost chat support

I wanted to ask a member of eHost’s team if there are any eHost coupon codes I can use at checkout.

Within a few seconds after starting the chat I was greeted by an eHost customer representative. Unlike, other chat assistants, who seem to be working on various chat rooms at the same time, this one appeared to be dedicated only to one call at a time, which really made me feel very special.

The assistant gave me an answer in less than a minute.

ehost chat room 

Her answer was that she unfortunately doesn’t provide any digital coupon codes for eHost. Also, she said that for my first sign up eHost already provides 50% discount on the hosting plan.

Feedback is important to eHost

What I liked about eHost was the way they collect feedback about the service they provide. This is a sign of a company that care a lot about providing good service.

Your feedback is important to them. eHost wants to know how likely it is that you will recommend their services to your friends.

eHost customer support feedback form 

Online Help

Whenever you get to use eHost’s Chat service first they check your enquiry with a database of articles and amazing online tutorials.

I wanted to enquire about the duration of the 50% discount coupon. I wanted to know if the 50% discount applies is a one-off thing or if it applies every time I renew my hosting.

 eHost tutorials

Based on what I wanted to discuss, they found a number of articles in their “Knowledge Base”. I was asked to take a look through the list of links and see if they can help me answer my question.

Indeed there was an article in the Knowledge Base which gave me the answer I was looking for: “The 50% discount applies only to the initial payment. Subsequent payments will be regular price”.

The good thing, however, is the discount offer applies to almost all add-ons. This includes Domain Privacy and Domain IP, Online Back Up and Sitelock.

Actually, right now, I would like to tell you a bit more about eHost’s Sitelock.


What is SiteLock

SiteLock is a safety tool. It tells your visitors that your site is trustworthy and free of malicious malware. It is a simple tool for maintaining security on your websites and servers.


How does SiteLock help?

SiteLock helps both your visitors and you as the webmaster.

First, let me tell you how SiteLock helps you as the webmaster. SiteLock will constantly scan your website files in your hosting server looking for harmful codes, such as malware and various hacks. SiteLock is a good way to protect a WordPress site from nasty hacks, like the pharma hacks and the redirect hacks, and horrible Trojan viruses.

Once the scan is complete, SiteLock will either fix the problem for you or will tell you where a threat is located in your files and how to remove it. Then SiteLock will fit a TrueSheild website firewall to protect your site  from future hacks.

Now, let me tell you how SiteLock helps your visitors.

SiteLock runs a postal address verification, as well as a telephone number verification. It compares this data with the domain name registration details and produces a Business Validation report. This tells the user that your site belongs to a legitimate and reputable organisation.

SiteLock then produces a Trust Seal in the form of a code. I would recommend you embed this Seal in your homepage or in customer forms in your site. This is what it looks like:

SiteLock Shield image - how it looks like 

A Trust Seal is a badge that reassures your visitors about the safety of their details they submit on your site as well as files they download from your site.


50% off SiteLock with eHost coupon offer

You can start protecting your site (and your visitors) using SiteLock with with a special offer for 50% off of your first year. Getting your SiteLock service via eHost means you only pay $24.95 for the first year of use and $49.90 per year after that.


Summary of eHost’s features

To summarise, here are the eHost’s main features:

  • FREE Domain Name
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • 1,000's of Templates
  • FREE Email Address
  • FREE Marketing Tools
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

There are no actual eHost coupon codes, however as said above, eHost 50% off applies automatically for the first year of your hosting at eHost.com, as a thank you for joining eHost.

And to get up to 70% off eHost services follow the steps at the top of this article.

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I created Webhostingology to help other internet entrepreneurs get the right webhosting solution and save money.

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