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Applying DreamHost Coupons on a shared hosting plan. Features and specifications


This is my review of DreamHost hosting plan. In this article, I will go over the available shared hosting plan, the features, price, and money saving DreamHost promo code.

DreamHost is an award winning provider of webhosting services founded in 1996 and currently hosting over 1.5 million websites. DreamHost’s wide range of products include Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting. DreamHost is also a Domain name Registrar allowing you to search and register from a big selection of domain name extensions, including .com, .store, .xyz .online and .tech.


DreamHost coupon code for Shared Hosting

Compared to other hosting providers that offer multiple Shared Hosting plans, DreamHost offers just one plan. However, it is one of the most competitive shared hosting plans in the industry, both in terms of quality and price.

Though DreamHost does not give you a choice of Shared Hosting plans based on Space and Bandwidth, they give your 3 payment options for their plan.


  • Monthly Plan: Billed at $10.95 per month


  • Yearly Plan: Billed once a year at $119.40 (which works out $9.95 per month)


  • 3-Year Plan: Billed every 3 years at $286.20 (which works out at $7.95 per month)


Obviously, you get more value if you sign up for a 2 year plan which works out 45% cheaper compared to paying monthly over a 36-month period.


However, you can apply DreamHost discount code “hosting595coupon” to save even more on the Yearly and 3-Year Plans.


  • Yearly Plan with coupon: Billed at once a year at $71.40 (which works out $5.95 per month)


  • 3-Year Plan with coupon: Billed every 3 years at $214.20 (which works out at $5.95 per month)


Whatever payment plan you pick DreamHost offers you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage unlimited MySQL Databases, and free domain with your first year of registration . This is precisely what makes DreamHost different to most other hosting providers, who start their basic plans with limited space at 50GB or 100GB.

Note: Like all Shared Hosting providers who offer “unlimited” perks, DreamHost’s unlimited storage comes with an “Unlimited Policy”; that is if your site is not optimised and is holding too much RAM or if it has too much traffic that gets the CPU to work on overtime, then you will be asked to move to a dedicated or VPS server.


Basically, there is no unlimited features in shared hosting environments - anywhere - and you should remember that!


With every shared hosting plan you get free Email Hosting, free SSL Certificates and free Domain Privacy Protection - no special Dreamhost promotion code needed. As a Dreamhost customer you will be able to control your site through a custom made Dreamhost Control Panel which is also included free of charge in your hosting plan.


Why choose DreamHost?

So why choose DreamHost’s shared hosting plan if you are looking to host a blog or a small business website? There are a number of good reasons to pick this provider in an industry that is flooded with web hosts.


  • 100% Uptime Guarantee. Dreamhost is one of the few webhosting providers who guarantee 100% uptime. This is partly due to the arrangement of their servers which allows for full geographic redundancy, meaning that your site is backed up in another server located in a different site. If the primary server goes down for whatever reason, then the secondary server kicks in automatically and instantly, ensuring your website does not go down.


  • 24-7 Customer Support. This is without a doubt the most important feature of any hosting plan as many webmasters will tell you. For the vast majority of serious bloggers and business owners, price is not the determining factor in selecting a webhost. Round the clock support it the no. 1 criterion.  Support is provided to you directly through DreamHost employees based in the US. Unfortunately, however, DreamHost does not have 24/7 telephone support. Out of hours support is via Email or Twitter. Using their Contact form in their website I attempted to ask for any available Dreamhost coupon codes. Though my message was sent in a few seconds, the message I got was that their Sales team will get back during business hours, Monday-Friday from 6AM - 5PM Pacific time. Thankfully, for customers who have control panel access, support is prompt.


DreamHost’s customer support is not outsourced to a third party call centre. It's all in house!


  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee. Some of the best hosts out there give 30 days’ money back guarantee. DreamHost’s is the longest guarantee in the industry. It is certain to give you peace of mind knowing that for whatever reason, if you change your mind about hosting your blog with Dreamhost you can cancel your plan and get your money back within 97 days from when you sign up.


  • Hosted on SSD servers. If you are not familiar with the term, SSD stands for Solid State Drive, vs. HHD which is the traditional spinning hard drive. Since the SSD stores data on interconnected flash memory chips, that means that the data is retained even when they system is not powered.  Other companies, such as Hostgator, will host your site on an SSD server for an extra charge. With Dreamhost, SSD servers are a standard feature in all plans. It is not charged extra and there is no need for to apply a Dreamhost offer code to avail from SSD hosting.


The SSD is far more stable, faster and more reliable server of processing programs in a computer


  • 1-Click WordPress Install. You can install WordPress from your DreamHost Panel in just a few minutes. All you have to do is log into the control panel, go to the Goodies section and from the list of One-Click-Installs click 'WordPress'. The Deluxe WordPress plan comes with a range of open source WP themes. Likewise, you can install Joomla and Zencart eCommerce or choose from many other App located in your Dreamhost control panel. Bear in mind that to use One-Click install to get any of these Apps, your domain status at DreamHost must be “Fully Hosted”.


Once you have that, all the Apps in the Control Panel are free of charge and there is no need for you to apply any Dreamhost coupon.


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