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Domain names. Hosting features and prices. Domain.com Promo Codes

This article is a review of Domain.com. However, most users land in this page because they are looking for a coupon code for Domain.com!

Other visitors, who already use Domain.com for their domain name registration, come here because they are searching for a renewal coupon.

So, before I start my review of domain.com, I want to share with you the latest Domain.com promo codes.


Here they are:

FILMRIOT - gives you 25% off your order

18COOL - will take 18% off any product at domain.com

25HOST - apply this code to take 25% off your webhosting


If you are not a customer of Domain.com yet, and want to know a bit more about it, then read on.

I will also show you how to use the above coupon codes when you register a domain, or buy hosting or any other service at Domain.com

You will let a lot of information about starting up on Domain.com in the next few minutes.


How to pick a domain name, host, build and market a website using tools from Domain.com

Apart of giving you lots of up-to-dated coupon codes for Domain.com, the purpose of this page is to help you create a website using the features and tools provided at Domain.com.

I understand that if you have not created (and hosted) a website before you may be feeling a bit worried about where and how to get started.

Feeling worried or even frightened is normal. I felt like that too when I first started many years ago. But if you are motivated by a strong desire to turn your dream into reality, you will soon become familiar with this process.


Here is what you will learn after reading this post:

1. I will walk you through all the steps of creating your own site at Domain.com, from picking your “brandable” domain name, to selecting the right hosting plan for your site.

2. You’ll learn how to use the Drag-and-Drop website builder to build your site in minutes.

3. Plus all the marketing tools to drive loads of qualified traffic to your site.

4. How to use little known discount coupons to save in all the products currently available at Domain.com.


Let’s get started:


How to find your domain name using Domain.com

As soon as you land at Domain.com you will see a search field at the very top. This very useful tool is available for you to help you search for a domain name.


You may not have a clue about how to search for a domain name.

So right now, I am going to give you some great tips on how to get ideas for the right domain name.


Don’t skip this step, or you may regret it.

It will be too late to change your domain name a few years later when you have realised that you have picked the wrong domain name for your site.

First, think about what you want to use the site for. For example, if you are starting a family business a good domain name will be your own name, i.e. “aliceandbobs”

Assume you offer a particular service or product, let’s say you are promoting money saving coupons in your site, then you can have the name of the service or product in your domain name, for example “aliceandbobcoupons”.


Here are 7 things to remember when you choose a domain name

1. A better name will be a better brand.

2. A better brand will be more memorable. Make it short and easy to pronounce

3. Numbers and hyphens as these confuse people

4. Do not include other people’s brands in your domain name. Most brands have copyrights over the use of their brand name.

5. A name that is easy to remember and easy to spell will drive more traffic to your site.

6. Do not over-do it with using keywords in your domain name.

7. When it comes to organic search, Google does not encourage keyword optimised domain names that use an exact match keyword instead of a brand name.


As far as Google is concerned, if you are Alice and Bod starting a coupon site for Domain.com, then “aliceandbobs.com” is better than “domain-com-discount-coupons.com”.Memorable domain names make cost more. But do not worry about this right now. I am going to show you how to use discount codes to save money.


How to choose a domain extension

The domain extension is the group of letters in the domain name just after the dot.

The most common domain extension, and the one I recommend for blogs, business sites and ecommerce sites is “.com”.

However, other domain names may be more suitable depending on the use of your website.

Here are some examples of domain name extensions and their use:

.co – known internationally as an abbreviation for company or corporation

.net – suitable for businesses, especially for forums, collaborations and networks

.me – this is ideal for personal branding, blogs or consulting startups

.info – used all around the world for sites aimed to provide information

.org – leverage on this extension if you have a business, charity or organisation

.es – target spanish people using an .ES domain


Maybe you want to pick an entirely different extension. There is a big list of available extension at Domain.com


Now that you have an idea of your domain name and extension it is time to see if that name is available.

Enter your proposed domain in the search field and press “Search”.


And now, you see if the domain name is available.


I recommend you use a .com extension for a blog or business.

.com extensions are the most sought after.

If your domain name is available, just click “add”.

Now you are ready to proceed to check out.

At checkout you can choose the number of years you want to have your domain name reserved for. If you are serious about your business or website I recommend you pick at least 3 years instead of just one year.

Reserving your domain name for a minimum of 3 years is not going to cost you much more.

Besides, you are going to use the special promotion code I am going to show you right now.



Using a coupon for Domain.com registrations

A domain name registration, for a non-premium domain name, is not as expensive as you think. Expect to pay less than $10 per year. Therefore, whether you use a 25% off coupon code or a 18% off coupon the savings will be a matter of a few dollars.

I tried coupon code “FILMRIOT” and saved $7 USD on 3-year domain registration.


How to choose your hosting plan at Domain.com

Once you have picked your domain name, it is time to choose the right hosting plan!

This is the most technical part but, don’t worry, this article will make it easy for you.

Don’t think about it too much, just pick a plan using the advice I am giving here and move on to the next steps which are website building and promotion.

When you buy hosting for a small website, or a business startup or even a blog, all you need is a simple hosting plan. At this stage there is no need to worry about complicated features and expensive add-ons.

For beginners, the cheapest plan is the best plan.


Dedicated or Shared

When you host a website you can either store your files in a server dedicated to your website, in which case you have “Dedicated” hosting.

Alternatively, you can put your site in server together with other websites owned by other people. This is called “Shared” hosting.

Shared hosting is what I recommend for small sites, and it is by far the most common way to host a new website. You can upgrade to a dedicated webhost when you have thousands of visitors every month or a huge database of products in your site.

If you start small, even the cheapest Shared hosting plan gives you enough space to store your web files and plenty of bandwidth to ensure the files can be served (downloaded) fast enough to your users.

Besides, the benefit of starting with a simple Shared hosting plan is that it won’t cost you as much. And with the Domain.com coupon for hosting I am going to show you next, your hosting will cost you even less.

But before we get to that I want to explain the difference between Windows and Linux Shared hosting.


Linux or Window

When you select a Shared hosting plan at Domain.com you can have either a Linux or a Windows operating system.

Linux operating system

Linux is stable and secure and supports PHP as the main programming language. It is usually cheaper than Windows. I am also going to give you a special coupon code for Linux Domain.com hosting which will save you even more.

Windows operating system

Windows is the most known operating system as it is compatible with Microsoft’s programming applications such as MYSQL and it also supports ASP.NET

Whether you choose a Windows or a Linux operating system should have to do with the files of your site and the coding of your website. Windows has been developed by Microsoft.

When you start a site for the first time, I recommend you use WordPress.

WordPress can be hosted in any operating system. Microsoft has been working with the WordPress Community to make using WordPress on Windows even easier!

I usually prefer to host my sites on Linux operating platforms. Not only are they cheaper than Windows, they also allow me very easily to set permissions and password protect directories.


Domain.com Linux Hosting Plans

At Domain.com you will find 3 Linux hosting plans, Basic, Deluxe and Ultra.

All 3 plans offer unlimited storage. This means, in theory, there is no limit in the amount of space you can use. In other words, you have an infinite number of files hosted in that server. In practice this does not happen.

In practice, unlimited storage is a myth. When it comes to sharing space in a server with other websites they expect your site to have a “normal operation”.

The “normal operation” of a website means you will have a limited number of files and you won’t stuff the server with thousands of web pages. If you over-load your server with files and you start filling up the space in the server, risking other websites uptime, then Domain.com will recommend you move your files to a dedicated server or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) where your site will be on its own.

All 3 Linux plans at Domain.com offer scalable bandwidth. If the server is the hardware where you data is hosted, then the bandwidth is the “pipes” that your data flows from the server to the users across the web. Scalable bandwidth means that Domain.com can flex these “pipes” to transfer more data between the server and your users when you have a lot of traffic.

However, if you happen to have huge amounts of traffic then the bandwidth in a Shared hosting environment won’t be enough to support the demand for data flow.

This is when Domain.com will work with you to identify other scalable solutions, such as their VPS service.

VPS is a more expensive hosting solutions than Linux hosting. The Domain.com promo code I will show you for Linux hosting applies to VPS hosting as well, so it won’t be that costly to you after all.

For beginners, I recommend the “Basic” Linux Shard hosting plan.

It comes with 100 email addresses. This means that you can set up 100 email accounts with your domain name. Unless you have 100 employees you will never use this feature.


The minimum hosting period you can select at domain.com is 12 months. Once you pick the hosting plan you want click “Add to cart” to go to checkout.


How to use a domain.com hosting coupon

Once you are at the Shopping Cart at Domain.com you will see a coupon code field. I have tried and tested many codes.

The best Domain.com coupon code for webhosting products is 25HOST.

Type the code and press “Apply” for the discount to apply.


If you wish to design your website or want to save money from hiring a web designer, then Domain.com offers a couple of great choices for you to start building your site, a Website Builder and a custom Website Design Service.

Everything that you need to build your site is at Domain.com


What is the Website Builder

A Website Builder is a tool that helps you build a website without the need for a coder or programmer. Most Website Builders allow users to build a basic website. If you want to build a site with complicated features or custom applications then you may need to hire a web designer or a developer.

The Drag-and-Drop Website Builder at Domain.com is offered to you as package. It includes:

  • Deluxe Webhosting Plan
  • A Free domain name, using coupon code DOMFREE

The Drag-and-Drop tool does exactly what it says. You use interactive widgets to grab features such as a blog, a photo gallery, a contact page, drag them over the page you are building and drop them at the location where you want them to be.

For example, to add a Contact form at the bottom of your page, drag the “Contact Us” widget from the tools and drop it at the bottom of the page.

You can even complete an online store using Domain.com Website Builder.


Publish your site to the web

As soon as you have finished building your site using Domain.com builder interface, you can publish your site and make it live on the World Wide Web at a click of a button.

It is that simple!


How to use a Domain.com discount code when buying the Website Builder

Getting money off your purchase of the Drag-and-Drop intuitive feature at Domain.com could not be easier.

Once you click “Get Started” the website will automatically pick the Deluxe shared hosting plan and your chosen domain and will place them at checkout.


To benefit from the discount just type a Domain.com code at the coupon field and click “Apply”.

When you have used a site made by this Drag-and-Drop website builder for a period of time and you have created enough traffic to build your site, then you can use an open source website creation tool that will make your site look far more professional than any Website Builder.

I recommend you use WordPress, which is the easiest and most common blogging platform and website content management system (CMS).

Domain.com can facilitate this as well so you can have a smooth transfer to WordPress without any significant down-time. You can install WordPress on your Domain.com hosted site at a click of a button.

Also, there are special Domain.com coupon codes you can benefit from when you set up your WordPress hosting. More on that in a future post!

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In 1999, as a young college graduate, I got my first job at Nortel Networks making the World Wide Web. In 2004, at Seagate Technologies I worked to satisfy the demand for faster and more reliable hard drives.

Since 2008, I have been the founder of several other online ventures. Recently, I graduated from the university of Hard Knocks with a master of Arts degree in Web Business. Currently, I am doing my PhD (Positive, Hungry and Determined) in Online Business. I have no plans to complete this.

I created Webhostingology to help other internet entrepreneurs get the right webhosting solution and save money.

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