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Bluehost Review. Hosting Plans, Technical Features and Prices and Bluehost Coupon Codes


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In this article, we'll help you decide which hosting option is suitable for your needs by taking a look at Bluehost's features, prices and Bluehost coupons.


Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers four main shared hosting packages: Basic ($3.95/month), Plus ($5.95/month), Prime ($5.95/month) and Pro ($13.95/month).


  • "The Basic". The Basic package comes with a single website, 50GB of storage and unmetered bandwidth. If you get this plan you are entitled to 5 email accounts and up to 100 MB of email storage per account. This plan is suitable for single blog or a small business website, this entry-level plan should suit you just fine.


  • "The Plus". This is intended for bigger sites and individuals who require more resources. This package allows you to host an unlimited number of websites, and it comes with unmetered storage and unmetered bandwidth. Additional features include unlimited sub domains and unlimited email accounts, as well as $200 worth of marketing offers.


  • "The Prime". The plan package is similar to the Plus package, but it does come with one additional service that some webmasters consider very important to their business – the SiteBackup Pro. This feature gives you advanced access to your backups, increasing your flexibility to recover specific files and databases.


"The Prime Hosting Plan comes at $214.20 for a 3-year term. It works out at $5.95 per month. No need for a Bluehost promo code"


  • "The Pro". The Pro plan contains all the features included in previous plans, along with a dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. Additionally, this plan allows you to host your websites on a high-performance server. The Pro package is designed for professional webmasters and small to medium size e-commerce sites.



Features and Specifications:

When it comes to technical specifications, Bluehost has a lot to reasons to boast.


  • Email. Email is important to all webmasters. When it comes to your website’s email (i.e. [email protected]), you’ll be able to create and manage unlimited email accounts. Bluehost email account manager allows you to create special filters so email is forwarded automatically to the right folders.  Your email will also be equipped with spam protection tools, as well as POP3 and IMAP support.


  • Backups. Your hosting account will be backed up on a daily basis. You can easily restore it with a single mouse click. Plus, as we've already mentioned, the Site Backup Pro service lets you restore specific files.


  • Scalability. If you grow your website in terms of traffic and/or storage, you will need more space and more bandwidth. Technically, Bluehost custom technology lets you upgrade your hosting plan in no time. Financially, Bluehost offer codes place you in a bigger server without breaking the bank.


  • Access Control. This is another important feature that lets you create unique passwords for different areas of your hosting account. It's a good idea to make use of this service, as it can drastically improve the security of your website. For example, you could go with three different passwords: one for cPanel and server access, one for ownership information and one for the entire account.


  • CDN. On the performance side, you'll be pleased to know that CloudFlare is an integral part of your Bluehost account. If you're not familiar with this service, CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that increases your website performance at no extra cost. All you really have to do is enable it on your website(s), and you're good to go.



Paid features (or free with a Bluehost coupon!):

The features described above come as standard in all hosting plans. However, there are some optional features that you have to pay for. If you are lucky, you get them for free by taking advantage of exclusive deals and coupon codes for bluehost.com that are published online.


  • Unique IP Address. Thanks to the Unique IP feature, it's possible to protect your account even further by enabling advanced control of ports. You can also assign a specific IP address to any of your websites.


  • SSL Certificates. This lets you encrypt the connection between your server and your website's visitors. If you intend to run an e-commerce site, this feature is practically a prerequisite, as it helps you safeguard personal information and other sensitive data.


  • Domain Privacy. This service allows you to hide the personal information related to your domain, which helps with preventing spam, identity theft and phishing attacks.


  • Spam Protection. Bluehost's hosting plans also come with an additional form of email spam protection. Any potentially unwanted content will be filtered out automatically before it reaches your inbox. Those messages will be sent to the quarantine, and you're able to review them at any time.


Why choose Bluehost for shared hosting?

Most of the webmasters that look for shared hosting are price driven. Starting at $3.95 per month the options here are very competitive and 41% off Bluehost offer code applies at checkout for any 3-year plan.

However, price should not be the decisive factor when you buy hosting. Quality and customer support should be your main criteria.

The main thing to know about Bluehost is that they don't provide any out-of-the-box solutions. In order to have control over addressing software and hardware issues and upgrades, the company focuses on customizing their hosting solutions in-house. Anything hardware or software they need to maintain their servers is either stocked or produced in-house. This gives Bluehost a lot of freedom to operate without depending on third party providers.

At Bluehost software is all Open Source (OS). With OS software, Bluehost’s software engineers are able to change, modify or edit the code as they see fit. This is a big advantage when compared to proprietary software distributed to authorized users, which comes with major modification restrictions. With Open Source software, Bluehost’s team have the power to make software changes in order to ensure the servers run smoothly.

In addition to that, they can also customize those same servers based on customers' requirements. The company even allows you (the webmaster) to install your own software on their hosting platform, which should tell you enough about the importance of getting your hosting from the right company.


Preventative Customer Support

One final thing we should mention is that Bluehost is quite serious about monitoring different parameters that influence server performance. Their hardware engineers have developed certain mechanisms in order to identify important patterns. Any time there's a threat of a traffic overload or a server hack, they will be warned in advance. This makes for a much more controlled server environment, which ultimately translates into a better experience for the end users.



Are there any coupons codes for Bluehost? How to get the best deal


Considering the sheer amount of advanced features on offer, it seems clear that Bluehost's Pro Shared hosting plan represents excellent value for money. After choosing that option and entering my preferred domain name (mycouponsblog.com), it was time to decide on the length of the hosting term.

A 12-month billing cycle would have set me back $227.40, which amounts to $18.95 per month. This method would have allowed me to get the Pro package at 27%, which translates to exactly $84.48 of savings.

Though that seemed like a solid enough deal, I eventually decided on the 36-month billing cycle. The total price of this hosting plan amounted to $502.60, or $13.95 per month. In the long run, this will allow me to get this package at 41% off and save a staggering $361.44. If you're looking for a long-term hosting option, this is a great choice!


Go Pro Plan 


"No coupon code is needed as Bluehost discount for long term hosting applies automatically if you choose a 36-month term."



Getting 46% OFF


It looks like Bluehost want to motivate those customers who are on the fence. Browsing using Chrome I arrived at checkout and pressed the back button (pretending I changed my mind). A special offer pop up appeared increasing the discount from 41% to 46%. Clicking “Claim Savings” applied the discount at checkout – again no Bluehost promotion code needed.


 Bluehost Coupon


Get 46% OFF Bluehost coupon

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