Top 5 Webhosting Plans for New Bloggers for $5/month or Less

May 16, 2017

People often ask me how much money they need to start a blog. Really, today you can start a blog for free. To be a blogger you need a blogging platform to create and manage your content, and a webhosting provider to host your files in the World Wide Web.

WordPress is the most popular publishing tool. 25% of the web uses WordPress which is the most developed open source software you can use to create beautiful websites, blogs, or apps. What is even more beautiful about it is that the basic features of WordPress are free of charge.

Apart of the content management system (CMS), WordPress itself offers a basic hosting plan for free. However, if you wish to enjoy advanced hosting features, 24/7 technical support, more bandwidth and storage it is a good idea to use paid hosting services.

Today, the good news are that even the paid hosting services offer you powerful hosting plans almost free of charge. With so much competition between all the hosting companies, you can host a blog for less than $5 per month.

Here I have listed 2 webhosting companies that offer hosting plans for bloggers for $4 month or less.


1. Bluehost


BluehostBluehost comes at the top of our list for value for money, with their special offer for new bloggers. Since 2003, Bluehost has been the world leader in WordPress (WP) Hosting. While their “Basic” hosting plan is not ideal for huge blogs, it is the right hosting solution for new bloggers on a budget.


24/7 technical support

1-Click WP Installation

Money back guarantee

Free domain name



2. iPage


iPageiPage is one of Bluehost’s sister companies. It combines excellent tools for aspiring bloggers matched with reliable hosting. If you are new to blogging we recommend iPage special introductory plan.


Expert WordPress support 24/7

Sitelock antimalware security

Increased speed by low density servers

Free domain name



3. A2 Hosting


A2 HostingDefinitely one of the top providers for high performance WordPress Hosting for blogs. A2 Hosting SwiftServer platform delivers fast hosting for a lot less than $5 per month.  A2 prouds itself for being fast, easy and reliable. At A2 Hosting, WordPress blogging tools come already installed. Just sign up to your hosting plan and use plug-and-play blogging apps to build our site.

Worried about configuration? “A2 Optimized” system takes care of the configuration of the server automatically so you get optimum speed and the most secure settings.


99.9% uptime

Up to 20x faster

Support team 24/7/365

Anytime money back guarantee





Domain.comOne of unique tools is their “Drag &Drop” functionality. This instant website builder allows you to create a website with a blog in minutes. If you want to use any of Microsoft tools and apps, gives you the option to use a Windows powered server. Hundreds of plugins ad themes so you can add from a list of extensive functions without the need for custom coding. All for less than $5 per month. Save another 25% off with the latest coupons.


“Drag & Drop” website builder

Huge choice of themes

Search Engine Optimisation tools

Visitor Comment Control



5. Hostgator


Hostgator logoCloud hosting is usually expensive. However, contrary to traditional webhosting providers that give you space in a single server, Hostgator stores your website in the Cloud without the extra cost. Cloud hosting architecture give you a whole lot of additional benefits such as 2.5x faster download speed and  1-click scalability to allow for traffic spikes.


Cloud hosting

Auto-backup of your hosted files

100k visitors per month

Free migration from other hosts



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Alex Papaconstantinou

In 1999, as a young college graduate, I got my first job at Nortel Networks making the World Wide Web. In 2004, at Seagate Technologies I worked to satisfy the demand for faster and more reliable hard drives.

Since 2008, I have been the founder of several other online ventures. Recently, I graduated from the university of Hard Knocks with a master of Arts degree in Web Business. Currently, I am doing my PhD (Positive, Hungry and Determined) in Online Business. I have no plans to complete this.

I created Webhostingology to help other internet entrepreneurs get the right webhosting solution and save money.