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Review of A2 Hosting Shared Hosting Plan and A2 Hosting Coupons


In this article we review the Shared Hosting plans from A2hosting.com. We look at their features, cost and money saving A2 Hosting coupon codes.

A2 Hosting is a Michigan-based web services provider. Their main products are Shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated Server hosting. A user can sign up to any of these products directly from the host’s website at a2hosting.com.

This review focuses only on the Shared Hosting plans provided by A2 Hosting.



Shared Hosting Plans

A2 Hosting offers shared hosting plans on servers that operate either on Linux or Windows.


What is the difference between Linux and Windows operating servers?

A server is in essence like a computer. Every computer needs an operating system to run. An operating system is software than manages the hardware resources associated with the server. Linux and Windows are two very popular operating systems.

A Linux Server is a server than runs a Linux open source operating system (OS). A Linux operating system (vs. a Windows operating system) is more suitable for demanding web services and data management applications.

A Windows Server operates by an OS designed by Microsoft. Windows OS are suitable for enterprise level communications, data storage and web applications. Windows OS focus on networking stability and security.


Cost of Linux Shared Hosting at a2hosting.com

At the time of this review A2 Hosting has 3 Shared Hosting plans on Linux servers.


  • The Lite plan. Starting at $3.92, this plan is suitable for webmasters that want to host a single website. The Lite plan allows the webmaster to host up to 5 databases. This is the cheapest hosting plan available with this provider. Prices get even lower if you use one of A2Hosting promo codes.


  • The Swift plan. At $4.90 per month, this plan allows you to host unlimited websites and unlimited databases. It is a good choice for professionals and bloggers that want to host more than one site in the same hosting account.


  • The Turbo plan. This has the same features as the Swift plan but it is hosted in a server that is supposed to be 20 times faster than the Lite or Swift servers. Priced at $9.31 per month this more advanced solution is hosted on a “turbo” server, which runs 20 times faster than ordinary shared hosting servers. You can host in it unlimited databases. The extra speed is due to the fact that A2 Hosting will host fewer websites in a Turbo plan server.


In my opinion, this is just a marketing tactic. Turbo servers are not that much faster than ordinary hosting servers. If speed is truly of the essence you want to check VPS or Dedicated Server hosting.


Cost of Windows Shared Hosting at a2hosting.com

At the time of this review A2 Hosting has 3 Shared Hosting plans on Windows Servers.

  • The Lite plan. Starting at $4.90 this plan is suitable for webmasters that want to host a single website. The Lite plan allows the webmaster to host up to 10 databases, 5 MySQL and 5 MSSQL.
  • The Swift plan. At $5.88 per month this plan allows you to host unlimited websites and unlimited databases.
  • The Turbo plan. This has the same features as the Swift plan but it is hosted in a faster and it is costs $10.78 per month


While at checkout, and before you complete your purchase, it is a good idea to check for any valid coupons for a2hosting.com


More on deals and A2Hosting codes at the bottom of this article.


Standard features in all Shared Hosting Plan at a2hosting.com

A2 Hosting is a host that ranks above the vast majority of other shared hosting providers because it offers a multitude of useful features at extremely competitive prices.


Here is what all plans include:

  • Unlimited Disk Space. This refers to the amount of storage you can use for your files. Typically, this is unlimited. In practice, if your files are in hundreds or thousands then you will be asked to move the site to a Dedicated or VPS server.


  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer. This refers the amount of data (also known as bandwidth) that can be transferred (downloaded and uploaded) on your website.


  • Unlimited Email Addresses. This feature is related to the number of customised websites you can create under your account. There is no requirement to use any A2 Hosting coupon code for the unlimited features to apply.


  • cPanel for Linux Servers. To manage your website you need a control panel. There are proprietary control panel solutions that hosts can use and promote as part of their services. A2 Hosting give you access to cPanel with their Linux packages. cPanel is the most popular control panel solution when it comes to managing Linux servers.


  • Plesk Control Panel for Windows Servers. Plesk is a very well-known control panel for letting you easily manage your hosting files, apps and email hosted in any Windows operated server.


  • Solid State Drive (SSD). If your server is powered by a SSD (vs. a hard drive) it means that it will be faster and more reliable. Ordinary hard drives can do hundreds of input and output actions per second.


With no moving parts, an SSD can do thousands of such actions in one second


What is worth noting here is that many other hosts who offer you SSD hosting host your OS and/or databases on SSD, but not your files. A2 Hosting use SSD for everything that makes up the operation of your site; the OS, the database and the all your files. This is precisely why if your site is hosted on A2 Hosting server it will load much faster, contributing to positive user experience.



Why Choose A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting has been for many years in the champions league of players in the webhosting industry. That is down to the fact that they provide reliable hosting, on fast servers, together with quality support, all at very competitive prices.


24/7/365 Technical Support. A2 Hosting have perfectly understood what hosting support really means, especially to critical mission websites. Most average hosts employ third party support centers, or in-house staff that are available only during business hours. A2 Hosting, however, have hand-selected support technicians and placed them in-house. Their so called “Guru Crew” are available to take calls, chat or answer your emails any time of the day or night, even on Christmas Day.


Anytime money-back guarantee. As per the time of this review, A2 Hosting is the only provider of Shared Hosting services who offer this kind of guarantee. All other hosting companies have a capped time on the period of their guarantee, which ranges from 30 days to 97 days.


With A2 Hosting you can cancel your account any time within your hosting term and you will get your money back for the service you have not used


Free migration. If you are tempted by A2 Hosting high specification hosting features and unparalleled support but fear the technicalities involved in moving your site from the current host to A2 Hosting then do not worry. A2 Hosting Guru Crew can, in most cases, migrate your site for you, free of charge.


FREE SSL Certificate: There is no need to apply an A2Hosting promo code to take advantage of SSL Certificates. To enhance your website’s security and protection, A2 Hosting offers SSL Certificates as a standard feature to all Shared Hosting Plans. A2 Hosting has partnered with Let’s Encrypt to five you this kind of protection. What is unique about A2Hosting is that trusted https for encrypted protection is given to all websites hosted in their servers by default, therefore you do not need to apply any A2Hosting promotional code or do anything about getting the SSL. You get it anyway.


Programming Languages. If your coders are concerned about compatibility of the server with any of the programming codes, then it is good to know that A2 Hosting servers are compatible with ASP.NET, .NET, PHP. You can toggle between PHP versions using the PHP icon in your control panel. You can also use the latest version of Silverlight framework to build custom applications.


99.9% Uptime. Reliability is the most important thing in hosting since downtime means loss of contact, loss of revenue and loss of business. A2 Hosting seem to have got that. Their support team in their data center implement preventative solutions to ensure that their servers run at peak condition.


A2 Hosting Coupon

At the time of this review, discount code “flash51” applied automatically at checkout. The coupon code is available in the shared hosting page at A2.

Coupon flash51 gives you 51% one-time discount on your order.

Therefore, if you choose the Swift Plan for a term of 12 months, the price will be $239.76. However, using discount code flash51 at a2Hosting.com you save $122.28, bring the total to $117.48.

Bear in mind that this plan includes an SSL Certificate, but it does not include a backup plan which is optional, but recommended.



A2 Hosting Coupon


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